We stock discounted new and Re-conditioned spare parts for most makes of truck at up to 75% off list price. 

Parts shipped to anywhere in the UK


Please phone or email us with your requirements 


New & Re-Conditioned spare parts

Swing Arms available, for most                          Re-con wheel forks for most trucks
euro and standard width trucks

All axles, bearings, seals, pins,                          'A' frames available, all makes
rollers and wheels etc in stock

We're specialists in Re-conditioned exchange units
Re-conditioned hydraulic unit c/w handle, wheels, bearings, all axles and pins.
Available for most makes of truck

Fitted Free
Guaranteed for 12 months
(Average list price of new unit for popular trucks: £200.00 - £280.00+VAT)


Re-conditioned push rod assembly Inc Rods, forks, rollers, bearings, all axles, spacers and pins.

Available for most makes of truck
          Fitted free    
            Guaranteed for 12 months
(Average list price of individual above new parts: £260.00+VAT)


Refurbish your existing pallet truck
Save money! Buy a re-con hydraulic unit together with the wheel fork assembly for special price of:-

          £69.00+VAT Fitted
                                          Complete with 12 month warranty

Your truck will be returned to 'as new' working mechanics for a fraction of the price of a new replacement.

If your truck is a quality model, refurbishment is by far the most cost effective solution.

The frame can also be sand blasted and re-sprayed for £19.99+vat to complete a full re-furbishment.
Wet specification parts
We specialise in spare parts for stainless steel and galvanised pallet trucks.

We can also Galvanise frames, rods, handles, forks etc.

If bearing collapse or snagging due to string etc is a problem, we can solve it with our specially designed rollers c/w stainless steel sealed bearings, and non-rotating end caps.